Cancer lurking in the shadows!

January 19, 2009

Well, my first cancer scare is officially over. Actually, this should be my second. Let me clarify a bit.

When I was 19 I was having all sorts of bowel problems that I promise not to scar your minds with. I went in for a colonoscopy and discovered I had polyps. They turned out to be benign, so I suppose that was my first true cancer scare.

In October of this year I began having horrible leg pain, to the point where I couldn’t walk. My doctor brushed it off as bursitis. The ER told me it was shin splints. I went back to my doctor and demanded an x-ray or anything at all to discover what was wrong. She ordered an MRI and a 5 cm tumor on my leg was discovered. Of course, I was scared. I thought I was going to have some horrible bone cancer at age 22. Or better yet, that this tumor was connected to my liver tumor. Did I forget to mention that I also have a 3 cm tumor on my liver? Well, I do, but thats saved for later. Anyhow, I went in for surgery on Tuesday, to discover whether my bone tumor was benign or malignant. If it was benign I was in for a hospital stay, if it was malignant, I could go home and discuss options with my doctor. To say the least, I was hoping for a hospital stay. It turns out my tumor was a aneurmysal bone cyst…nothing at all to worry about. It’s hard to believe that the doctors brush these things off like they are nothing. There was still a tumor in my leg that made it impossible for me to walk, it was still frightening and painful, but my doctor says, “Oh, it happens a lot.” I sometimes think that doctors forget that their paitents are people too. People that do not enjoy being in pain and also do not enjoy going through surgery. Especially at age 22 for a tumor that they shouldn’t have until they are around 40.

So, my second cancer scare was a success. Now, for my third, my lovely little liver tumor…I’ll have to wait until next month when I can walk again to find out.


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