January 6, 2010

First things first, my PET/CT scan came back clear. As of right now, my cancer has not spread out of my leg. So, that is wonderful news!

I saw my medical oncologist yesterday and really like him. He has dealt with sarcomas for years and is very well versed in treatment options. He is actually pushing for me to avoid amputation if possible. He’s the first doctor to tell me I have other options, which is of course, amazing. I’ve decided to go with his treatment plan. It consist of 4-6 doses of chemo, each lasting 3 days every 3-4 weeks. I’ll be having my chemo done at St. Joseph’s in Tampa, probably just staying there for the 3 days every month (if insurance will cover it) because it’s a hassle to drive out over an hour, stay there for 6 hours, then drive home for over an hour for 3 days straight. I’ll likely be starting the chemo the week of the 18th. This gives me time to go on my Disneyland trip and get some things prepared at home.

That’s all I know for now. I’ve already ordered some pretty snazzy head scarves and hats. I’m going to look at wigs next week after I get back from California. It may sound vain but, I’m really not looking forward to losing my hair. I love my hair and I think that part is going to be very difficult for me to deal with. Hair is considered to be part of a woman’s beauty. My hair is very long and it is the one thing I receive many compliments about. I never thought I was a person to care too much about looks but the idea of losing my hair makes me very uncomfortable and self-conscious. I’ll get used to it though and perhaps my hair will come back even better than before.

I’d still rather be bald and alive with my daughter. At least I’ll have a chance to try out new hairstyles!


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