First Round!

February 7, 2010

So, I’ve been out of the hospital since Tuesday now and I’m not going to lie, I still feel pretty crappy. I tried to prepare myself as much as possible for my treatment but, I still think I wasn’t quite expecting to get hit this hard. I like to consider myself a pretty active person but honestly, I’ve had an extremely difficult time getting out of bed since I got out. I ventured to the grocery store today and felt myself winded after 5 minutes. Brandon and Derek had to go get a wheelchair for me, I just couldn’t walk. My mom jokes that she knows it’s bad when I don’t even care about my make-up or hair when leaving the house, which I don’t. It just takes way too much effort now that I’m so tired…which says a lot for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely go out without trying to look decent!

As for the chemo itself, I don’t remember much. I was sleeping throughout most of it due to my nausea medicine, which was great because the less crappy I remember feeling the better! I vaguely remember some TV shows on the History Channel but that’s really about it.

My hair is starting to fall out, as well as my eye-lashes. I have a feeling my leg hair will be the last to go…drats! I have my wigs to cover my head, as well as my hats and scarves, if I’m not too lazy to do that too, haha. People may see a scary, bald Jamie!

Other than that I’m okay. Just trying to adjust to feeling tired and sick a lot. They said I should start feeling better sometime this next week, so here’s to hoping!


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