August 24, 2010

On a site I frequent, someone asked a question that really made me sit back and think about my life and how much I’ve accomplished and endured in 24 short years. It made me think back to high school and where I thought I would be now. What I dreamed then and where I am are very different and at the same time, strangely similar.

As a high school senior, I envisioned myself as an aspiring journalist doing a 2 year stint in the Peace Corps at age 24. I imagined I’d be going helping others, going on extraordinary adventures, and discovering my true self all at once.

Instead, I find myself a wife, going through adventures in mommy-hood while battling cancer and pursuing my new-found dream of becoming a Historian. While I think my original plans were great, I believe that my life thus far has provided me with all I’ve dreamed of. I’ve been on adventures…perhaps not while traveling around the world, but still, I’ve had adventures that have led to me becoming a strong, kind-hearted, and brave individual. Life may not lead us down the path we originally planned on taking, but somehow I think we all end up at the same destination in the end.


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