I’m Jamie. I think of myself as kind, compassionate, stubborn, comical, clumsy, and perhaps a bit over-dramatic at times. I’m an avid book worm, reading mostly picks from the historical fiction and fantasy genres. I have a large number of interests/obsessions which include: Colonial American and Native American history, Star Trek (Original Series and Next Generation), The X- Files, Chuck, hiking, and theme-parking. I’m also a mother, fiance’, and daughter. I hope to leave a positive impact on the world in some shape or form.


2 Responses to “A little insight”

  1. Danielle A. said

    Hi Jamie, my name is Danielle. I’m 22 years old and found out in December that I too have sarcoma in my leg. Mine unfortunately has spread to my lungs. I was searching for some information online and came across your website. If you would ever like to talk through email or facebook that would be awesome. It’s so hard to find support groups with people who have this rare cancer. I too loved being the unique one, but this was just the one in a million that I didn’t wanna be a part of. Hope to hear from you!

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