Insightful Thoughts?

October 30, 2008

As I’m sitting here trying to think of something profound to write for my first post all I can think about is how delightfully happy I am that I discovered half a bag of sunflower seeds in my cupboard. I thought thatĀ Ihad eaten them all and have been pretty tight on money lately so I have not bought any for quite some time. This delicious bag must have fallen behind the sugar in the cupboard because lo and behold, upon rearranging my foods I discovered them. Prior to this discovery, I was utterly bored and thinking about folding laundry. Now, I’ve actually begun writing that story Brandon has been waiting for and actually found myself smiling at how lovely these seeds are. Fortunatley for me, my family has never quite taking a liking to sunflower seeds and thus everytime we buy them, they are all mine. I’m happy to just let it be something I have in common with Fox Mulder.

I suppose the point of this complete rambling is that even the smallest and most minor things, such as discovering a half eaten bag of your ultimate favorite snack can shed some light upon your day.