Muslims and Nazis?

August 18, 2010

Lately, this fiasco about the Mosque being built near ground zero has gotten quite a bit out of hand. I’ve heard some absolutely sickening comparisons being made about the Mosque, such as “it’s like building a Nazi shrine upon Auschwitz” or like a “Japanese Imperialist Community Center” being built at Pearl Harbor.” Both of these comparisons are not only ridiculous, but also completely ignorant and inaccurate.

I promise I’ll attempt to keep it short and sweet.

The Nazi Party was/is an extremist political regime that held no upstanding moral values AT ALL. No one that was/is a true member and follower of the Nazi party was/is a decent person. Sure, the Nazi’s proclaimed that what they did was in the name of God, but in reality, they were not and are not anything even remotely close to a religion.

Building an Imperialist Japanese Heritage Center would also be the similar to the Nazi example, because it is political centered nationalism. It is not Japanese nationalism, it is a politically controlled group of nationalists that hold very different ideals and values from Japanese cultural nationalism.

Islam is a religion, not a political stance or party. It possesses good qualities and traits, that promote love and respect, but as any other religion it houses a number extremists (just think about  Christianity and the Westboro Baptist Church). It is very much unlike the extremists political parties and nationalist ideals, because it is a religion and the majority that follow the religion do not approve of what happened on 9/11 or any form of terrorism, whereas the majority of individuals, if not all, of the other two groups do condone the atrocities done in their name.

There is no way they are the same at all. The comparison is the result of extreme right winged fear mongering at its worst.